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5,000 Questions Swap Part 21!

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Original host is @tamtamlee but has not been online since Jun 2, 2022. I decided to host until she comes back online & can re-take over. This swap is the version of the original "5000 question survey" I found on the internet.

Each Part will have approx. 100 Questions.

You will have 1 partner. This swap can be Handwritten, Typed, Put in a journal, etc. Any way the Sender choices to send.

I'm making these swap a Type 3 because not knowing how someone is going to choose to send the swap. And it's a long swap and a lot of work.

Please make sure you have enough time to finish this swap!!! Have fun & start with #2000.

    1. Can you believe that we have only gotten through two fifths of this survey so far?
  1. What is your opinion of Dave Coulier?

  2. If you were to a write a Choose Your Own Adventure book, what would it be about?

  3. What was your best find from a flea market, garage sale, ebay or thrift store?

  4. What do you not have enough money for right now?

  5. Do you believe that Tears for Fears were right when they said, "Everybody wants to rule the world?"

  6. What is the design on your beach towel?

  7. What stirs something deep and animalistic inside you?

  8. Have you ever cross dressed (even as a joke)?

  9. Do you own anything with a rainbow on it?

  10. What would be the worst object for a child to take on a long car ride with you?

  11. What's the Best Beatles song in your opinion?

  12. Why do you suppose that diary sites are more popular with females than males?

  13. What do these color combinations remind you of:

orange and pink:

pink and green:

green and gold:

purple and gold:

gold and red:

red and white:

blue and grey:

  1. What is one selfish thing you tend to do?

  2. When do you think technology will catch up with the Jetson's?

  3. What made you laugh today?

  4. Do you ever stick your entries in any of the diary circles?

  5. Can you freestyle rap?

  6. Are you:




  1. Do you find you self only buying brand name products?

  2. Would you ever want to buy an article of clothing or an accessory because you saw a celebrity wear it?

  3. What song do you feel the sexiest dancing to?

  4. Who do you know who looks silly when they dance?

  5. Sweaty sex or clean sex?

  6. Which is more important to you: being kind or being right?

  7. Can you do any special dances like swing, tap, or ballroom?

  8. Are you scared of monsters?

  9. Who would you like to remind people of?

  10. Do you walk to school or do you bring your lunch?

  11. Rate your skills from one to ten (10 = you are the best at it):


making friends:

working with computers:





talking other people into things:


living life to the fullest each day:



cleaning up after yourself:

playing poker:

surviving in the woods:

managing your time

attracting the opposite sex (or same sex if you prefer)?

  1. Have you ever been to an Indian reservation?

  2. What is going to happen tomorrow that you can celebrate, even if it's a little thing?

  3. Do you save things for special occasions or is everyday a special occasion?

  4. What is one thing you are terrible at:

  5. What's your favorite:

rap song:

country song:

industrial song:

cover song:

punk song:

odd song:

  1. What do you get your teacher or your boss for the holidays?

  2. Do you like to read books by Virginia Wolfe?

  3. What is your favorite tv show from when you were a kid?

  4. What is now proved was once only imagined. - William Blake. What do you imagine?

  5. What has been passed down through at least two generations to you?

  6. Do we live in a particularly bad age for romance?

  7. Have you ever cheated on someone?

Do you believe that once someone is a cheater they can never be trusted?

  1. Have you ever gone:

christmas caroling?

pumpkin picking?

on a hay wagon ride?

on a romantic valentine's day date?

to a new year's eve party?

to a memorial day parade?

to the Macy's thanksgiving day parade?

to search for gold coins on st patrick's day?

  1. Have you ever done any modeling?

  2. Would you consider yourself to be psychologically damaged?

  3. How aware are you of the reasons behind your actions and words?

  4. What is the sickest you ever drank or drugged yourself?

  5. Would you prefer it if clothing was optional?

  6. What is one interesting fact about you:

  7. Are more people depressed because they are alone, or are more people alone because they are depressed?

  8. Have you ever gotten a mug, t-shirt, key chain, etc. that was personalized with your picture?

  9. What was the last thing that you experienced for the first time?

  10. If you were going to die tomorrow and you were leaving a postcard for someone to read after you were gone what would it say?

  11. If you were about to be executed what would your last request be?

  12. What kinds of people do you find intimidating?

  13. How much conviction do you have in your feelings and beliefs?

  14. In your house where is the:

crazy glue?


  1. Out of everyone you know who has the most personality?

  2. If you could go back in time to experience a musical movement or era, which one would you choose to live through?

  3. Do you suffocate people with your love?

  4. Do you feel your life is charmed?

  5. What character do you identify the most with from Winnie the Pooh?

  6. When do you do your best thinking?

  7. What motivates you?

  8. Look back at all the people you've dated. Has there been a pattern?

  9. Things change but what will always remain the same for you?

  10. Is divorce something you would ever consider or do you feel that marriage is permanently binding?

  11. What's the strangest movie you ever saw?

  12. If you could go into virtual reality and set up your life there to be perfect and it would seem real but not be real would you trade your life now for the virtual life?

  13. Does it seem like life is more difficult for you than for anyone else?

  14. What are you grateful for?

  15. What was a choice that you didn't want to make but you had to?

  16. Have you ever had dental surgery?

  17. At what point exactly are you grown up?

  18. If there was a weight loss procedure that would destroy your ability to taste food so you wouldn't be tempted by junk food, would you have it done?

  19. What is one thing that happened that you never expected?

  20. If you called one of your friends and they said "It's nothing personal but I don't want to talk to anyone right now," would you take it personally?

  21. What is your favorite girl's name?

  22. Do you ever feel guilty for being more fortunate then others?

  23. If you had to wear a shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

  24. What is evian spelled backwards?

  25. You drop 10 pounds of feathers and a ten pound bowling ball off the top of the same building. Which will hit the ground first?

  26. Even though you may never get what you want, are you happy because you're trying?

  27. If you started a petition what would it be about?

  28. When was the last time you asked someone to do something and they said no?

  29. Do bad things happen to you on friday the 13th?

  30. What's your favorite:

Madonna song?

John Lennon song?

Michael Jackson song?

Doors song?

Rolling Stones song?

David Bowie song?

Elvis song?

  1. If you had started a relationship with someone and they said that it would be best if no one knew about it just to see how it goes, would you be offended?

  2. Do you know any self defense?

How about CPR?

  1. If you had to look into a mirror and see your naked soul stripped of all delusions and pretenses (Never ending Story style)could you handle it?

  2. Are you a genius?

  3. How did you find out that Santa Clause wasn't real?

  4. Which is your favorite tarot card?

  5. Does the internet seperate people or connect them?

  6. Have you ever written a letter to a soldier?

  7. Does pain and fear make you feel alive?

  8. Are you:

good looking?





  1. Are you decisive or wishy washy?

  2. Do you feel pop stars should be morally responsible to set a good example for their fans?


PenguinMama 04/22/2023 #

I just finished this one...looking forward to sending & receiving!

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