Swap-bot Time: May 30, 2024 3:08 am

Group Info

Swap-bot groups were created to better enhance the swapping community. You can create groups around any interest, demographic or anything you choose!

Membership Levels

There are three different levels of group membership:

  1. Member: Group Members join group swaps and participate in the group-specific forum.
  2. Officer: Group Officers have the same privileges as Group Members, plus they can create group swaps and invite other Swap-bot members to their group.
  3. Founder: Group Founders have the same privileges as Group Officers, plus they can approve group join requests, remove Members or Officers from the group, promote or demote Members and Officers. In addition, Group Founders have swap coordinator privileges to any group swaps.

Groups Swaps

Only those Swap-bot members that belong to the group can join a group swap. Group swaps are not listed on the public search page or any of the swap lists. Group swaps are listed on member profile pages. Group swaps are not meant to be hidden from non group members.

Accepting new members

In addition to forming niche swapping communities, Groups can be used to ensure you only swap with other members you trust. If you are a Founder or Officer in a group it is your responsibility to the group to ensure that only trustworthy swappers make it into your group. Swap-bot admin cannot help with any group conflicts.