Swap-bot Time: February 29, 2024 4:50 am

Welcome to Swap-bot!

Thank you for signing up. Please read the following info so that you will be totally prepared to participate in lots of cool swaps!

Creating Your Profile

To add information about yourself, your favorite things, and your likes and dislikes to your profile, hover over the word "Profile" at the top of most Swap-bot pages, then click on "Edit Profile". (You can also find a red "Edit Profile" link on your profile page.)

Once on the profile edit screen, click on "Personal". There you can add as much information about yourself as you would like. Your swap partners and coordinators will appreciate this info so that they can tailor swap items to your preferences. You can edit all other aspects of your Swap-bot profile (like your address or email info) within the profile edit screen, too.

To view your public profile, simply click on the word "Profile" at the top of most Swap-bot pages.

IMPORTANT: About Our Swaps

When participating in group swaps on Swap-bot, you will usually NOT receive a swap from the same person to whom you send. Partners in our swaps are randomly assigned in a way that allows an odd or even number of participants in each swap. It also allows us all to meet a higher number of people!

New User Swap Limit

All new users of Swap-bot start with a swap sign up limit. You can only sign up for five swaps at a time at first. This limit lasts until you have completed five swaps (i.e. marked them all as "Sent" once your packages are in the mail) and received five positive (5) ratings from your swap partners. The ratings can be from five individual swaps or all from one swap with multiple partners. (To read more about the Swap-bot rating system check out the frequently asked rating questions.) Once you have met these requirements, the new user swap sign up limit is removed and you can sign up for as many as twenty swaps at a time.


Swapping with groups over the internet is a fun, but somewhat complicated activity. To learn more about swapping and Swap-bot, check out the About page and the Frequently Asked Questions. It is also important to read the Terms of Use. If you have more questions, check out the Discussion Forums. There you can read previous questions, or ask your own.

Have lots of fun!