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Hello! My name is Alison (Al) and I'm a writer, (unemployed, currently) barista, crafter, and musician from Canada! I love everything snail mail and I hope to make many friendships and have lots of fun from this website. A couple of important snippets: 1) I identify as genderqueer- if you don't know what that is, feel free to ask :) 2) The name I go by is my pseudonym/pen name (Alison (Al) King) but the PO box is registered in my birth name, so that is why there is a "c/o" line in my address- please do include that line so that packages actually do make it to me! Don't panic if you forgot- the wonderful postal workers at my local post office know me quite well by now so odds are that they'll put in in anyways, but it's always best not to risk it! You can just call me Al or Alison though- both work :) 3) I love meeting new/different people, even if you disagree with me or how I conduct my life. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and basic human decency, so you will never be greeted with negativity from me. All questions, concerns, opinions, disagreement, and love are welcome here. I don't offend easily, and try to practice reckless optimism in all aspects of my life. 4) That being said, I have absolutely no tolerance for willful ignorance, outright spite, and intentional racism/homophobia/transphobia/xenophobia/etc. and will call you out if necessary.

Favorite Music

I love all kinds of music (even some country- fight me, I dare you!) but right now I'm especially into a lot of odd pop and older rock classics like Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, Gorrilaz, Bad Brains. Honestly, though, I can probably name at least one group I love in every genre, and I'm a sucker for good lyrics and a good groove, no matter where they come from! I'm also a musician- I studied classical cello and voice for 12(ish) years, but now I mostly play in a Trad Fiddle Band (still on the cello though! Rebel to the end!) and goof off on tracks with my brothers- who are both musicians as well. I have a healthy amount of appreciation for/love of classical music. There is NOTHING as powerful as a bit of moody Brahms while cleaning, let me tell you. Fun fact- my parents were/are hardcore punk rockers when I was growing up, so I have a healthy appreciation/love for '80s and '90s punk rock, and still LOVE lots of groups from then (Lunachicks, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, L7, to name a few)

Favorite Books

I have a to-read list about a mile long, but at the moment I am reading "Helter Skelter" by Vincent Bugliosi, an am alternating "regular" books with my grandfather's works. Generally though, I really am a sucker for some good angst, love, and NA drama, and I tend to write in those areas as well. With my writing, I usually have a number of projects on the go at any given time. I usually write dark NA fiction/fantasy but honestly love to try my hand in all sorts of different genres and styles. I have many notebooks FULL of character studies, short stories, and weird prose, and if I remember(or if you ask!) I usually like to include some of that in my longer letters!

Favorite Movies

I love movies. I wanted to be a screenwriter for a while (and maybe still do... shhhh) and I just love when film is done right. Some (pretentious, I know) favourites: Amelie, Barton Fink, Withnail and I, Trainspotting, The Favourite, Little Women (2020 version. Sidenote- Jo in the this recent movie is literally me, I am not kidding. They even joke about her being their only brother. I cried 3 times in that movie.), Moulin Rouge, The Princess Bride, and Cloudburst. I am also a HUGE nerd, so Star Wars, classic Indiana Jones, superheroes (old X-men, Deadpool, Wonderwoman, Marvel Universe up until Infinity War) etc. get me really excited but nothing in this genre will ever be able to top Mystery Men in my opinion, and that is an opinion I will be standing by until my dying day. There is also something to be said for a good documentary- Disclosure, 13th, a secret love, and Quincy are among recent favourites for me.

Favorite Television

I am a huge television junkie, but I can't seriously watch reality TV. I used to get lost in it when I was really struggling with my mental health for a while but it only ever served to bring me down (with the one huge exception of Queer Eye). I occasionally will watch some reality TV in the background while doing other things, but only the positive episodes (no joke- I genuinely research them ahead of time. Don't need that kind of negativity in my life!) I do love a well-written sitcom though, and limited series are usually fantastic. Some series I'm currently watching/love (in no particular order): Arrested Development, Brooklyn 99, Shameless, Final Space, Taskmaster (but really any british comedy show), Ugly Delicious, Sex Education, Schitts Creek.

Favorite Crafts

OOoooooh Boy, here we go. Folks, I have a large-scale stationary addiction. Like (I'm just assuming here) a large number of people in the junk journaling, penpal-ing and snail mail-ing worlds, I have shelves, bins, baskets, boxes, and bookshelves (and every other container starting with b) filled to the brim with paper, washi, stickers, lace ribbon, stamps, pens, ephemera, books, notebooks, wax seals, and so much more. Holy crap, you guys. I started an etsy shop (the link is here on this page, I think) to try and offload some of the projects I've started (notebooks, envelopes, cards, etc) but it just keeps coming!! I also knit, sew, embroider, paint, and do all sorts of other fun stuff I couldn't cram into this space if I had to!


I currently (as of June 20th) have around 37 penpals (including anyone I've set up an expectation of recurring letters with in the last 6 months- some of these partnerships have petered out or just not been replied to, but in general they're all active partnerships). I'm usually open to adding another (and will be doing a serious purge/reconnection sweep of all current penpals soon) but if you don't hear back from me- it isn't personal. Sometimes it can take me up to a month to write back, but I usually aim for about a week or two. I write A LOT and will always include some of my writing (other than letter writing) in my letters if possible. I also enjoy the letter aspect of it more than the stuff aspect, so you'll probably get more writing than loot from me, unless it's specified in swap guidelines (ie- not a letter swap). IF YOU ARE A CURRENT PENPAL AND HAVE'NT RECEIVED ANYTHING FROM ME IN A WHILE- message me. I make sure to reply to everything I receive and won't just stop communicating without letting you know why first, so odds are it got lost in the mail or there has been an address mistake- it has happened!

What to send!

I will 100% love anything you send to me, but I especially love things that have a little bit of effort put into them (if you have time- I know life is busy and sometimes it's too much) and a little more than just a name/swap name/username type thing. I'm not collecting anything specific (other than Jones soda bottle caps but that doesn't count here) but I love little things that I might not have yet. I'm a junk journal-er and I love chaotic art (embrace the mess y'all)! I also love when things aren't quite perfect, slightly off, and funky or unusual! In terms of postcards, I'm not a huge fan of tourist-y ones, but really anything goes. The weirder/stranger/funky-er the better! ALSO- I am trying to live as plastic free as possible, so paper packaging only please (if you can- I'm not 100% and one plastic bag isn't going to kill me but as little as possible would be nice). This goes for snack/tea/etc swaps too- compostable/paper packaging is best! I'm also always looking for interesting sustainable living supplies and tips if you have anything you want to send! Thanks!!


Minivandreams rated for ATCA: Christmas Wk3 on Jan 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the ATC and goodies!
Comment: Thank you for your unwanted PC's. Which I will pass along. Thank you again.
TryshaH81 rated for Paper Destash #3 on Jan 14, 2021
Comment: Lots of lovely goodies!! Happy Swapping
Comment: Very happy to have one of a series of 9. Love this idea. REally like the envelope and matching note card. Thanks Al. I'm sure we'll swap again soon.
Comment: (Great)grandma foods are...great! Mine used to make us mac & cheese with chicken n stars soup!
Response: Thats awesome! <3 AL
Murras01 rated for Ugly PC Swap #20 on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much for this great swap! I also love weird PCs. It makes you wonder what prompted someone to create them...LOL. Thanks again & best wishes to you in 2021!
Response: Glad it made it! Enjoy! <3 AL
Cryptid rated for Micro-Fiction Swap INTL Round 8- Hat on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the card. I enjoyed your microfiction. :)
Response: Glad it made it to you! <3 AL
Comment: Thank you for the lovely letter Al! I will be writing back presently. 💜
Response: Glad it made it! Looking forward to your reply! <3 AL
rogo09 rated for Surprise Postcard Swap #7 on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Thank you Alison I love the postcards you sent. They are amazing. Stay safe and healthy. Roseann
Response: I'm glad you like them! Enjoy! <3 Al
CatBrouille rated for Surprise Postcard Swap #7 on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all things thats nice! Take care
Response: Glad they made it! <3 AL
Comment: thank you for all the nice tea! can't wait to try them!!
Response: Glad it made it so quickly! Enjoy! <3 Al
Comment: Ooooh now I want some cookies!
Response: Nothing better than cookies! <3 AL
emilysenvelopes rated for Floral/Nature Themed Swap #4 on Jan 10, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much this was a lovely envelope of happiness to receive!
Response: Glad you like it! <3 Al
Comment: To me, queen as a topic is not at all like Queenie.Queen, I think of as regal and respected. Queenie, a certain roughness. And I cringe at F words.
Response: I'm sorry it wasn't what you thought it'd be! It was a weird prompt for me. I hope next time it's a better one for you. Glad it made it to you in good time though! <3 Al
chimerix rated for ATCA: Winter Wk2 on Jan 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you for another piece of the larger picture. Aloha
Response: Glad it made it! <3 AL
Comment: Thank you. We also did baking and gave to family and friends.
Response: Sounds fun! <3 AL
Comment: Well written as always! I must say, however, I needed to read it a number of times to grasp its meaning.
Response: I'm glad it made it! I'm working on being more direct. <3 Al
KIllerMal rated for CS: Christmas Ornament Swap on Jan 7, 2021
Comment: I love this handmade mouse so much <3 You can congratulate the person who made it!
Response: Glad you like it! I will! <3 AL
ChristineMartinez rated for ATC - Off Holiday Swap on Jan 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card and lovely note about the card!
Response: Glad it made it! Hope you're well! -Al
MsMarvel rated for Book excerpt on a postcard on Jan 5, 2021
Comment: The postcard you sent is SO BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much! I really love it!! The excerpt was really good, I'll have to check out this book! Thank you for the recommendation!! I liked how the excerpt read!! Thank you again! <3
Response: I'm really glad you like it! It's such a good one- could not recommend enough! Enjoy! <3 Al

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Trinket on Jan 13, 2021:

Thank you so much for the really thoughtful card. Arrived a day ago with a date stamped 19th December but its lovely, it is a shame our post is a little butts right now.

shirleyinCA on Jan 10, 2021:

Just wanted to send special thanks for the deligthful Golden Book you sent me for the Christmas Countdown #4. And how I loved the Alice in Wonderland gift card in the wax sealed little airmail envelope! Such wonderful attention to detail made this an extraordinary swap.

dally on Jan 8, 2021:

Thank you for the wonderful thank you card for the scrap journal I sent you! It was very thoughtful of you. <3

takehimaway on Jan 2, 2021:

Do you wanna do a private swap? <3

Swan on Dec 29, 2020:

Thank you for the holiday wishes!

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hamsterfarm on Dec 5, 2020:


Welcome to Yarn addicts!

Meisje on Dec 4, 2020:

Just because ♥




Maxxpbandj on Nov 18, 2020:

We are sooooooo gonna end up being friends!!!

debtea2 on Nov 14, 2020:

Hello from DYSC?

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